13 07 2008

Hey Club Penguin Fans. This is zud3652. and did you know that I have a Club Penguin Fan Site too! Well It is awsome. You can ask questions about CP (club penguin) and get answers in just 24 hours. You can get all of the musics in MP3. It is a;so updated daily. So check it out.


It is awsome


New iphone out

10 06 2008

OMG! The new iphone is out! It has 3G which means faster internet. You can learn all about it here. There is a new add for it to, click here to see it. It looks really cool but it still doesn’t have doesn’t have a video camera. If you want to see the video were they anouce that iit is coming out click here. There are also awsome new apps which can be boght for free when you get and iphone. There is a little button that is blue that brings you there. If you don’t know a thing apout the iphone you can buy the book called “iphone: The Missing Manual“. Well i think that that is it. And here are some pictures of it:


4 06 2008

Hi this is Cereal Straws. You have probaly visited this site and went to the games and said hey there are no games. Well were are going to have some games come in. By tomorrow you can really sit back and play some games.

                                                                       part of your nutritious breakfast

                                                                                     Cereal Straws  

Need More Hits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 06 2008

Hello.This is cereal straws speaking.I just want to say we need more hits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THIS IS SERIOUS!If you find out about thiswebsite tell your friends then tell them to tell more people and agin and again!Were going for 1000 people!

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                                                                        Cereal Straws

      P.S. Buy Me! 

Lax Championship Game!

27 05 2008

Today Syracuse faces John Hopkins in this NCAA lacrosse championship. Syracuse won 13 to 10. Syracuse was losing badly in the first quarter then continuing a pattern of Hopkins Syracuse. Syracuse broke the pattern and leaded by 5. Hopkins scored two goals. Here is a video of some of the game and the end:

new funny pics

18 05 2008

Yanks terrible season continues

18 05 2008

saturday may 17 yanks loose to the mets 7-4. Yanks just cant win!!!!!!!!!