On this cool page you can see the latest news from around the world!!

OMG! The new iphone is out! It has 3G which means faster internet. You can learn all about it here. There is a new add for it to, click here to see it. It looks really cool but it still doesn’t have doesn’t have a video camera. If you want to see the video were they anouce that iit is coming out click here. There are also awsome new apps which can be boght for free when you get and iphone. There is a little button that is blue that brings you there. If you don’t know a thing apout the iphone you can buy the book called “iphone: The Missing Manual“. Well i think that that is it. And here are some pictures of it:


Breaking News for all you out there who love politics…………. It just so happens that Obama beat Clinton!! But Clinton wont give up still. If Obama Agrees with Clinton they might actually work together as 1 canidate!!So If they win they will share the spot as president!!!!!Do you think this is true? What do you think will happen, and who do you think will win McCain, Obama, or Obama/McCain?

Please Leave a comment posting What you think will happen and which one of those three will win!!

-posted by Deigokchhhh’s #1 fan (Thats my temporary nickname)



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