Lax Championship Game!

Today Syracuse faces John Hopkins in this NCAA lacrosse championship. Syracuse won 13 to 10. Syracuse was losing badly in the first quarter then continuing a pattern of hopkins syracuse. syracuse broke the pattern and leaded by 5. Hopkins scored two goals. Here is a video of some of the game and the end:

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Mets beat the yanks.Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!I cant believe this is suppose to be a team! They cant win its just not possible.11-2,4-7 whats that! At least Jeter, and Matsui are doing good! But they can’t carry the team! Maybe they could have a chance with the Orioles. I wouldn’t count on it. They’ll never make 27!

The Yanks won 5 in a row.As Phil Rizzuto would say
“Holy Cow”.

The Yanks unbieveable 5 game streak! Ended when they went to the little city I like to call baltimore. The Yanks just can’t over power the Orioles.


Heres a picture of  a Hopkins player lifting his spirits after the shocking  and upseting defeat. they have lost but heres always next year.

Duke's Matt Danowski (left) is consoled by his former high school teammate, Johns Hopkins' Brendan Skakandi, after yesterday's game.




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